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More Screenshots:    Barbie Beauty Boutique

Kids begin by selecting any of three dolls as well as an event (such as a movie premiere, special birthday party, or award show). 


Then they choose an area of the salon they'd like to begin at from them Makeover Selection screen, such as the nail center or the beauty bar.


Here, kids can choose to curl Barbie's hair or to keep it straight.


What color do kids want Barbie's hair to be? While the above screenshot shows far-out colors, there are also standard ones! 


Players can actually move Barbie around to finish off the streaks on the back of her hair. 


What's a Barbie program without a dress-up activity? Plenty of fun outfits are here to choose from, although the shoes are hard to see.

At the beauty bar, kids can apply masks to the doll's face. 


Nail painting time! Kids select the doll's nail length and shape, and then paint away. 

Kids are treated to a before-and-after shot... 

...and watch a video featuring the doll they've made over in action! 


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For Windows/Mac By: Vivendi Universal  Ages 4-9 Published: 2003






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