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Children's Software Review:    Barbie Horse Adventures: Mystery Ride



coverYet another Barbie adventure, and this time she has to find Teresa's missing horse, Lucky. She instantly sets off with a bunch of tools Teresa gives her, which include a two-way radio,  a slingshot and a metal detector. The first place children explore is the campsite, where a clue will be found. Children can choose Barbie's clothing, along with her horse's name and look. 

The controls are simple, allowing younger children to play with ease. Children use the arrow keys to navigate, using the up arrow to go forwards. When Barbie is off her horse, she walks very slowly, but tapping the up arrow will make her run. When on her horse, she will begin by walking slowly, then goes to a trot, followed by running.

To find the clues, children must complete a variety of games. These games include collecting the broken pieces of a bridge and putting the pieces of an important paper back together. The games are unique and can be played as long as the child wants, which adds replay value to the CD-ROM. 

Barbie explores many different places while looking for Lucky, like a small Prairie town and a train depot. The path isn't wide roaming, another good quality for younger children simply because it is difficult for them to be led astray! After children complete the mystery, they can continue playing the many games in the program, and they get a small (and rather cute) surprise. The game provides children with hours of fun, and is best for kids ages 5-9.  


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  • Nice design with easy controls.
  • Gorgeous and immersive 3D graphics.
  • Decent logic puzzles.
  • Excellent program for younger children (approximately 5-9).


  • Older fans might "beat the game" too quickly and/or they might be displeased with the set game path. 




For Win/Mac By: Vivendi Universal  Ages 5-9 Published: 2003





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