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Children's Software Review:    Barbie Mermaid Adventure CD-ROM



CD-ROM Review: Barbie: Mermaid Adventure

For Windows/Mac

By Vivendi Universal

Released: 2004

Reviewed: March 2004

Our Recommended Age: 4-6

Our Rating: B



Barbie Mermaid Computer Game


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Barbie Mermaid Pictures



Barbie Mermaid Pictures



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Barbie Mermaid Computer Game Pictures

Easy to use probably best sums up the new Barbie CD-ROM, Barbie Mermaid Adventure. Best for younger fans of the ubiquitous doll, this computer game features undersea mazes, pong-like games, and assorted just-for-fun activities. 


The magic shell has lost its light, just when Barbie and her undersea buddies are getting ready for a celebration. Legend has it that finding three rainbow dolphins will restore the light to the shell. Children need to help Barbie and her seahorse friend, Samika, find the dolphins. At the same time, they will have to invite musicians to the celebration and collect decorations. 


Three arches lead to the different areas of the ocean where the rainbow dolphins can be found. Kids need to play two activities, invite musicians, and collect decorations in each undersea world before a sparkling path appears, leading them to the rainbow dolphin. In each world, kids can click on a clownfish to hear jokes, such as "Why won't crabs share their toys? Because they are shellfish."


Although there are 6 activities found in the three underwater worlds, 3 of them are jewelry mazes and are very similar to each other. The other activities include a Pong-like activity, a matching game, and a logic game that involves soothing baby cuddlefish to sleep, one at a time. Once all dolphins are found, kids design a song and decorate Barbie's jewelry and the dance hall in preparation for the celebration.


The game's ease of use is both a strength and weakness, depending on the audience. The activities are virtually error-free and not very challenging, which means that four- and five-year-old children can play independently. However, children older than five will likely enjoy the game the first time through, but ultimately find it lacking in challenge and depth. We would have liked to see more interactivity in general. Although some of the activities become slightly more challenging as kids continue to play them, more levels of challenge would have greatly improved the game's depth.  



  • Beautiful, soothing graphics and sound effects.
  • Doable challenges for young players. 

  • Not enough depth and challenge for children older than 5.


Our Rating:




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...MORE (see screenshots and notes from the game)


Reviewed March 2004






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