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More Screenshots:    Barbie of Swan Lake CD-ROM: The Enchanted Forest

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Each area of the forest needs to be enchanted. Kids find missing items, use the items in recipes to create enchanted wands, and use the wands to dress up the different areas of the forest. 


Different areas of the forest contain activities and games. This clever activity requires children to find the flowers that are playing the same classical tune that they hear and place the correct flowers in the planters. Great game for audio discrimination!


This is the Flower Tree area of the forest in its early stages of "decoration". Children use the magic wands to dress up the area, and they can find a portal that leads to the flower music activity here as well.


Children decorate Fairy Valley with their wands. Each wand has a different function. For example, the Rainbow Wand can create some of the special effects seen here. 


This activity involves painting magic murals. The colors are vibrant and the special effects magical. 


The swan hatching activity begins with a fun logic puzzle as kids match colors and patterns on the eggs. That done, children feed the hatching swans.

Once all areas of the forest have been "enchanted", the Moonlight Picnic can begin. A special wand is the final reward in this area -- it turns day into night and vice versa!




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