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Children's Software Review:    Batman Toxic Chill

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CD-ROM Review: Batman Toxic Chill

For Windows 98/98SE/Me/XP/2000 Pentium II 266 or higher; Mac G3 233 or higher.

By The Learning Company/Riverdeep

Released: 2003

Reviewed: December 2003

Our Recommended Age: 8-10

Our Rating: A





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There's trouble around every corner in Gotham City. With The Riddler and Mr. Freeze running amok, there are buildings frozen over, Arctic level storms on the way, and other such environmental disasters. Will it be a very long winter, as Mr. Freeze predicts? It's up to Batman, Robin, and Batgirl to put a stop to the conniving scoundrels. In Batman Toxic Chill, kids lead the heroes through a series of activities that will help them save the day.

We are thrilled with this fun software game that requires some higher order thinking skills for success. Kids head out in the Batmobile or Batcopter to various places, such as the Financial District and Finger River Area, after first choosing a difficulty level--Rookie, Professional, or Master. Players return to Wayne Manor often, home to the Bat Computer where they crack codes and solve riddles.

As children earn clues and crack codes, more areas of the game are unlocked. Kids are equipped with all the tools they need to help Batman fight crime, whether it's actual Bat weapons and tools or mental "equipment", such as biographies of enemies and breaking news stories! 

Activities include cleaning up the chemical spills left behind by The Riddler, thawing frozen buildings by identifying patterns and programming attack patterns for fire-bats (pictured at left), running through underground mazes arcade-style, and more.

Difficulty levels can be changed during the course of the mini-games, and an auto-leveling option enables the computer to adjust levels according to performance. Although children begin new games in the default "adventure mode", they can easily switch to a practice mode that allows them to play activities independently of the adventure.

The game not only strengthens logical thinking and problem solving skills, it involves children in language arts activities that have kids reading for meaning. Replay value is strong with some variety in the game's riddles.

Although the activities can quickly become repetitive for older children in the target age group, the game is "just right" for children approximately 8 and 9 years old. It's entertaining and demands that children put on their thinking caps.


  • Educational and entertainment value strikes a good balance.
  • Difficulty levels cater to different skill levels and ages. 
  • The adventure story line is engaging.

  • The activities are sometimes a little too repetitive for older children in the target age group.


Our Rating:




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Reviewed December 2003
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