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Book Review:    Charming Opal (Toot and Puddle)


coverThe popular piglets have a visitor—and a very charming one at that. Opal is visiting Woodcock Pocket, where Toot and Puddle (an unlikely but devoted pair) happily live. Her tooth is wobbly, and all three pigs wonder whether she might lose her tooth on her vacation as they go about their fun—picking strawberries, swinging, and swimming in Pocket Pond. It is while enjoying this last activity that little Opal loses her tooth. Even after Toot saves the day by retrieving the tooth from the bottom of the pond, there is still much concern surrounding the tooth. Opal is eager to have a visit from the tooth fairy, while Toot and Puddle worry about whether or not the tooth fairy actually visits Woodcock Pocket. 

This latest in the Toot and Puddle series of books shines with wit, warmth, and whimsy. Holly Hobbie’s illustrations are imaginative as they follow and carry a truly delightful and “charming” story.

There is an utterly charming screensaver available that features some of the delightful illustrations from the Charming Opal book, including a scene with Toot and Puddle floating from a balloon that reads, "Welcome Opal"--ideal for any Toot and Puddle fan. Find the screensaver here: 

For Windows,; for Mac,; and for Mac OSX,

Written and illustrated by Holly Hobbie. 

  • A warm and charming adventure.
  • Whimsical illustrations.
  • Ideal for children who are about to embark on a real-life adventure of losing their first tooth.


  • None noted.

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Published: 2003 By: Little, Brown and Company Ages 3-8  



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Reviewed October 2003   Comments? Email us.

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