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Book Review:    The Dreamtime Fairies

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With dreamy illustrations and a lovely bedtime fantasy-story, The Dreamtime Fairies is ideal for sharing with young children before they drift to sleep. This delightful book is written and illustrated by Jane Simmons, the author of the beautiful Daisy series (see our article). 

An imaginative little girl named Lucy helps her little brother, Jamie, fall asleep with an enchanting story that takes both children, along with their favorite stuffed animals, to a land in search of the Dreamtime Fairies. This bedtime fantasy adventure quite magically cures Jamie's fear of the shadows. Through their magical journey, they meet a number of animals who try to help them fall asleep without success before finding the fairies--in the shadows! 

The Dreamtime Fairies is filled with illustrations that are at once tender and vibrant, sure to put children in just the right frame of mind for quiet sleep. Sweet dreams!

Written and illustrated by Jane Simmons. This hardcover is approximately $16 US.

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Published: 2002 By: Little, Brown and Company Ages 3-8  


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Reviewed November 2002   Comments? Email us.

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