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Book Review:    The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat (An I Can Read Book)

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This sweet little book is simply perfect for children who are ready to move beyond their Bob Books or other basic readers. This remains simple, but the story is longer and the book is so delightfully funny and interesting that it is a joy to read. 

I recommend this book for all new readers, both boys and girls. It's about a rather stubborn fat cat who just doesn't want to give up his mat, despite all of the humorous efforts of the exasperated rat. 

On the educational front, the book uses rhymes (as is evident in the title) and repeated phrases to help budding readers along. The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat is also quite entertaining, with plenty of descriptive pictures (and a certain oversized cat taking up most of the room) and just enough humor to keep kids--and their caregivers--turning the pages. Fun!

The paperback edition is approximately $4 US.

  • Humorous and satisfying story for young readers.


  • None noted.

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Published: 1998 By: Harper  Ages 4-7  


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