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Book Review:    I Can Draw Animals (Usborne Playtime)

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This 32-page paperback from the Usborne Playtime series is simple and fun. Designed for young children, I Can Draw Animals gives step-by-step instructions (through pictures and text) for drawing animals, from lions and tigers to fish and frogs.

The cover art on this book is representative of the style of the illustrations children are taught to draw. Starting with outlines of each of the 16 featured animals, the book demonstrates the steps kids can take to create appealing and friendly illustrations. The animals are also shown in different poses so that once kids have attempted the main illustrations, they can challenge themselves to try their hand at drawing the animals in different ways.

Kids had a great time with this book. The results were pleasing, but the best thing about the book was that it gave kids just enough structure to feel confident to attempt their own variations. 

Some other books in the Usborne Playtime series include I Can Draw People, I Can Fingerpaint, and I Can Crayon

By Ray Gibson. 

  • Colorful and appealing illustrations.
  • Inspiring art starters.


  • There could be more steps illustrated to help younger artists along.

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Published: 1997 By: Usborne Ages 5-9  


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Reviewed March 2002   Comments? Email us.

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