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Book Review:    Kids Travel: A Backseat Survival Kit

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Children's Book Review: Kids Travel: A Backseat Survival Kit

Published by: Klutz Press

Released: 1994

Reviewed: October 2004

Our Recommended Age: 8-14

Our Rating: A+






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"Surviving the Backseat Experience"

This extraordinary book kit is a piece of good fortune for both children and parents heading out on a road trip. Simply present Kids Travel to the kids, and enjoy! The spiral-bound book is filled with things to do, and comes with all the supplies necessary to play the suggested games, activities, and quizzes. A plastic pouch is bound right into the book, and holds game pieces, markers, and the like. A clip board with a pad of printed paper is also part of the book, and includes bingo pages, grids, and more.


One spread features 65 license plate samples, with spaces to record when and where each plate was spotted. Classic car game directions are included, as well as quizzes that involve parents! (Kids get to quiz their parents and have the answers right in front of them). "Lost on Earth" is a backseat game that plays much like battleship, except that kids are looking for Amelia Earhart, Butch Cassidy, and the like. A geography quiz, complete with a colorful, detailed map of North America, is included, as well as dice games, parchesi, mysteries, palm reading, song lyrics, sign language, decoders, hand games, and more.


Our favorite game is Country/Town Bingo. Each child keeps his or her own bingo sheet, featuring such things as traffic signs, gas pumps, birds, and roosters for the Country Bingo, and school buses, fire hydrants, and cats for the Town Bingo game. As kids spot these sights, they get to cross off a tile on their bingo sheet. 


This book is fantastic. All of the supplies needed to enjoy the games and activities are supplied, and attached to the book so that Kids Travel is very easy to use. Not only that, it is attractive, with truly interesting games and colorful, sturdy pages. We recently took the book on a road trip, and it kept the children busy for a fair portion of the car ride. They loved it, and we did too.


Our Rating:




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Reviewed October 2004
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