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Book Review:    The Official Hamtaro Handbook

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If you're interested in the "little hamsters, big adventures" Hamtaro show, you might want to check out our Hamtaro page

Hamtaro himself greets kids in the opening pages of this official handbook based on the show, which includes a Ham-Ham dictionary, family tree, and map; pages dedicated to each hamster; lyrics to the opening and closing theme songs; a guide to the episodes; an original comic book; and a couple stickers.

The dictionary illustrates the different poses of Ham-Ham body language along with the Ham-Ham phrases that accompany each--such as "krmpkrmp" for eating, and "hamgoof" for disappointed. Young readers are introduced to the characters of the show, including Laura and her family, Bijou (the French belle hamster), Oxnard (the hungry hamster), and so forth. Each character's birthday, height, star sign, and gender is revealed on these pages, as well as their owners and special characteristics. A song sheet for "Hamtaro Time" is included. A strip of the first episode, with screenshots from the show and the story, is offered, and shorter summaries of episodes 2 through 26 follow. Ham-Ham dance steps, and a comic book (in red and white) is also included. We were a little disappointed that the book only included 2 stickers, even though they are fair-sized. Otherwise, there is a lot to read about for young fans of the show.

A big bonus for our fans was the fact that Penelope, a young and shy hamster who always wears a blanket covering most of her body, is unveiled in the book--and Cappy, who is always seen wearing a hat, is pictured without his beloved hat!

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  • Fans of the Hamtaro show should be pleased by the character sketches, lyrics, and episode guides.
  • May encourage children to read
  • Is valuable for children who want to draw the characters.


  • Only two stickers included.
  • Some of the content is available online.

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Published: 2002 By: Viz Ages 4-10  


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Reviewed October 2002   Comments? Email us.

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