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Book Review:    Oh,  Baby!


Oh, baby, this book is absolutely fantastic. Children will find these adorable babies delightful--and parents will, too. This "celebration of babies" inserts babies into most unusual and whimsical situations--there's "banana baby", for example, who we love "a whole bunch", a pair of "slipper babies" sleeping in moccasins, and "balloon babies" soaring high in the sky. 

It may not be a proven fact, but we know that toddlers and preschoolers thoroughly enjoy "reading" about babies. Perhaps it's because they take pride in having outgrown that "silly" stage of life. 

Babies are grouped into categories like "Baby Food", "Baby Clothes", and "Baby Works". Sweet illustrations reveal humorous baby scenarios with humorous captions--our favorites include "wolf baby" who howls at the moon, the quacking "duck baby", and the cool "popsicle babies". 

Scores of children's books are released each year, and many are quite worthwhile. A few, however, have that extra "oomph" that makes them stand out--and, in our books, "Oh, Baby!" belongs in this latter category. 

Written and illustrated by Leo Landry. 

  • A warm and humorous celebration of babies.
  • Sweet, whimsical illustrations and captions.
  • A must buy!


  • None noted.

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Published: March 2003 By: Little, Brown and Company Ages 1-3  




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Reviewed March 2003   Comments? Email us.

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