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Book Review:    One Duck Stuck

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Top Pick. One of the best early counting books ever, this board book has perfect rhythm, gorgeous illustrations, and the most fun rhymes around. It all begins when one duck gets stuck in the muck, and a host of animals arrive to help the duck out of his muddy predicament. Two fish, three moose, four crickets...all the way up to ten dragonflies try to help, but "no luck...still stuck". In the end, they all chip in and get the duck out with a satisfying "spluck".

The adjectives and sound effects in this book are just as colorful as the rich illustrations. As well, each newly introduced numeral is large and clearly presented, making this delightful story a super educational experience. It's hard to find a better early counting and rhyming picture book for the very young.

Written by Phyllis Root and illustrated by Jane Chapman. The board book edition is approximately $7 US.

  • Humorous and fun story for the very young.
  • Gorgeous illustrations
  • Colorful adjectives and sound effects
  • Excellent rhymes and rhythm.
  • The numbers one to ten are clearly presented.


  • None noted.

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Published: 2001 By: Candlewick Press Ages 1-3  


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Reviewed January 2002   Comments? Email us.

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