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Book Review:    Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born

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Children's Book Review: Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born

By: Jamie Lee Curtis

Illustrated By: Laura Cornell

Published by: Scholastic

Released: 2004

Reviewed: March 2004

Our Recommended Age: 3-8

Our Rating: A







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In this touching and witty book by actress Jamie Lee Curtis, a little girl recounts a favorite story about her birth night in her own words, with sentences that begin with "Tell me again...", demonstrating that she already knows the story by heart. 


A glance at the title might suggest the book would begin with the child's mother and father actively involved in the birth process, while in fact her parents hear of the birth via a phone call. Readers quickly learn that the child is adopted and, through the touching and humorous story line, will feel the love in this "newborn" family. 


Children will be delighted with the details in the watercolor illustrations, as well as the warmth and humor of the book's words. Parents will recognize themselves in the protectiveness and love expressed by the story's parents. Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born is a delightful read for all children, and perhaps even more meaningful for adopted kids.


Our Rating:




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Reviewed March 2004
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