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Book Review:    The Beginning: Voyages Through Time

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Children's Book Review: The Beginning (Voyages Through Time Series)

By: Peter Ackroyd

Published by: DK

Released: 2003

Reviewed: January 2004

Our Recommended Age: 10-up

Our Rating: A










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Although he has many highly acclaimed books under his belt, this is renowned historian and biographer, Peter Ackroyd's first book designed for children. The Beginning is the first title kicking off a new  series by Ackroyd entitled Voyages Through Time

The Beginning tells the fantastic story of how our world began with descriptive and oftentimes mesmerizing prose. The book reads beautifully, calling vivid images to mind, although its vocabulary may be difficult for younger children in the suggested age group. And if the lush narrative (the ancient Cambrian seas, for example, are compared to a "primeval rock concert") is not enough, the book is brimming with gorgeous photos and illustrations--from reptiles to ape-men to volcanic eruptions. A wealth of facts is presented to curious young readers through both the narrative and the informative sidebars, graphs, and timelines. 

Children with inquiring minds and a fascination with science will thoroughly enjoy the book, as will many of their parents.


Our Rating:




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Reviewed January 2004
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