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Book Review:    It's Time to Call 911

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Children's Book Review: It's Time to Call 911

Published by: Penton Overseas

Released: 2002

Reviewed: January 2005

Our Recommended Age: 3-5

Our Rating: A






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You hope your child never has to do it, but you want him or her to be prepared. It's Time to Call 911 is a fabulous board book that not only defines emergencies and tells a child what to do in an emergency, it gives them some practice dialing 911 without having to use the real phone.


This board book features colorful illustrations, sturdy pages, and a keypad that resembles a phone. When children correctly press 9-1-1, they hear a man's voice say, "911, let's go!", sirens, and a reward phrase, "Good job!"


Emergency situations, such as seeing a house on fire or if someone is hurt and can't get up, are explained and illustrated. What should be done? Kids can practice pressing the correct numbers. If they enter the wrong sequence of numbers, a short sound alerts them that the numbers were incorrect. 


Kids are reminded that calling 911 is never something that should be done just for fun. They are also encouraged to memorize their address. This book is a smart idea! The emergency situations are not presented in a detailed manner and are therefore never overwhelming.


Our Rating:




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Reviewed January 2005
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