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Book Review:    The Usborne Everyday Words Sticker Book

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Every child enjoys stickers as well as search-and-find books. This book combines these two activities and is especially educational. Each two-page spread features detailed handmade worlds--from the town and the yard, to the living room and the classroom. Words line the borders of these spreads with spaces to place the stickers provided. Children need to match the words they find on the pages to the ones on the stickers. It is both a reading and visual exercise and involves children's minds as they play. This search-and-find sticker book introduces kids to reading and spelling common words.

This book is also available in French and would make an excellent book for practice in a second language.

Because there are a couple hundred stickers, the book will last much longer than typical sticker books. As well, once the sticker work is complete, younger children will enjoy searching for the objects in the pictures. Additionally, each spread contains a search challenge, such as "find 15 cars" to keep kids busy. 

This book is a valuable one for travel or any day fun and learning. 

  • Combines the appeal of both stickers and seek-and-find activities.
  • Provides an excellent way to boost vocabulary, early reading, and spelling skills.
  • Good for travel.
  • Lots of content, longevity.


  • None noted.

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Published: 2001 By: EDC Publishing  Ages 4-8  


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