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Book Review:    The Usborne Internet-Linked Children's World Cookbook

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Packed with appealing photos of food and international landmarks, this world cookbook is specially designed to be used and enjoyed by kids. 

Countries of the world are represented one by one, and recipes for some popular international dishes are offered in this book's 96 pages. The recipes selected are both easy to make and popular. Introductions to each recipe include information about traditional dishes and ingredients for each country--including the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Greece, India, and more. More than 40 simple recipes are included along with photos that support both the cultural information and the food. 

Many of the latest books from Usborne Publishing are "Internet-Linked". In this cookbook, children are encouraged to peruse of the links on the Usborne web site to learn more about the countries--both their people, traditions, and food. For example, children are encouraged to visit a site that includes interesting facts about eating customs in China, and the Italy section of the book points children to a site where they can learn about many different varieties of pasta. 

Step-by-step, illustrated instructions for each recipe are offered. Note that this cookbook is not designed for the very young. Although the recipes are relatively simple, most are multi-step and require some time and effort. Therefore, the cookbook is probably best for children ages 9 and up, with the younger children in the age group requiring, of course, adult supervision. In fact, adults will likely enjoy the cookbook as well!

Written by Angela Wilkes and Fiona Watt. This paperback is approximately $14 US.

  • Plenty of information about cultures of the world, eating customs, and general food facts is included.
  • Appealing photographs
  • Nice selection of popular international foods.


  • Though the recipes are simple, they require more attention and skill than many children's recipes.

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Published: 2001 By: Usborne Publishing/EDC Ages 9+  


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Reviewed August 2002   Comments? Email us.

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