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Book Review:    Zoom!

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coverThis latest book by Robert Munsch is a must-read. Munsch does a characteristically excellent job with exaggeration in this story about Lauretta, a little girl who is fed up with her old, slow wheelchair. Although her mother tries very hard to convince Lauretta to be content with the 5-, 10-, and 15-speed models, the ambitious and determined little girl has her mind set on the "92-speed, black, silver, and red dirt-bike wheelchair". Parent and child come out of the store with a compromise: Lauretta gets to test-drive the fantastic new wheelchair for a day. What happens during the test-drive is fantastical and hilarious! 

Reading this book through, I couldn't help but almost hear Robert Munsch narrate it. The "sound effects" and repeated phrases found in such classic Munsch stories as "I Have to Go!" and "Angela's Airplane" are all here. Children will be smiling all the way through Zoom! in a fun state of suspense. 

Written by Robert Munsch. 

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Published: 2003 By: Scholastic Ages 3up  


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