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Children's Software Review:    Blue's Clues: Blue Takes You to School

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The message is clear in this new Blue's Clues CD-ROM: "school is cool". While your child won't be going to quite the same school as Blue and Periwinkle, this program makes a fairly good and quite fun introduction to the whole preschool environment. 

First off, children get their very own "cubby" at sign-in. After this, kids are introduced to Blue's school, where Ms. Marigold is leading circle time. She points out the different things to do in the program. This is where the program comes up a little short--although the activities are fun and, in some cases, innovative, there is not a whole lot of them. 

If children choose to go to the playground, they can do a logic activity at the water table. They must try to navigate a boat to an island by using different objects that will direct the boat correctly. This is an activity that requires some thought and planning, and we are happy to see an activity such as this one in a preschool program -- one that doesn't underestimate a young child's ability to think logically and plan ahead. Another good activity can be found in the garden where kids go on a hunt for animals and objects. They are given clues and when they find the object, they learn a little more about it. On higher levels, some of the animals are hiding. 

The painting activity itself is rather standard, but what kids get to do with their completed paintings is unique and fun--children can "share" their completed artwork with other characters in the program (such as Purple Kangaroo, Magenta, and Joe). Joe holds the actual artwork and then delivers it to the character kids have chosen. What fun! 

One activity has children "caring for" Giggles the classroom bunny. They monitor his happiness with a meter, and try to figure out what might make him happy--a carrot, some more water, music, a ball. In the Music Time activity, kids try to find the "musician" who is playing the same rhythm as Blue. Who has a great ear for music? Once all the animals have it right, children get to play along. 

Most of the activities feature 3 levels of difficulty. This program is enjoyable for the most, although a little lacking in terms of things to do. 


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See more screenshots from the game, along with our notes here.

  • Clever activities in a fun environment.
  • Pro-social activities.
  • Three difficulty levels in many of the activities.
  • Encouraging feedback.


  • Too few activities overall. 




For Win/Mac By: Atari  Ages 3-5 Published: 2003




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