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Software Review:    Blue's Reading Time Activities

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This Blue’s Clues CD-ROM complements Blue’s ABC Time Activities nicely. Instead of focusing on phonics or letter identification, its activities pave the road to reading, easing children into the concept of words. Presented with the need to create newspapers for the newsstand, children embark on helping Blue dig up stories to fill newspaper pages. Illustrating Green Kitten’s storybooks by answering comprehension questions, leading Blue through a maze using special word cards, and playing a card game in the backyard all earn children pages for their newspaper! They can play layout designer as they assemble the pages any way they like, and content editor by deciding which stories to keep and which to trash. It’s a cute concept – one that kid testers embraced enthusiastically and kept them coming back for more. Unlike Blue’s Clues software titles like Blue’s Birthday and Blue’s Treasure Hunt, this one is activity-based and doesn’t follow the show’s format of searching for pawprint-stamped clues.

  • Promotes a positive attitude towards reading and they easily become comfortable with the idea of words.  
  • Graphics are gorgeous and characters appealing.


  • Kids may need a little help understanding how to play the card game activity.  
  • Slow pace of the program is not for every child.  


For Win/Mac By: Humongous Entertainment    Published: 2000



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