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Book Review:    Doodle Cats (Klutz Book)

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Children's Book Review: Doodle Cats

Author: Liz Hutnik

Published by: Klutz Press

Released: 2004

Reviewed: February 2005

Our Recommended Age: 7-up

Our Rating: A+




Doodle Cats



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Doodle Dogs


Doodle Faces


Top Pick. Klutz books have special meaning in my household. If I tell my kids we have a new book, they'll be rather curious as to what it is. If I tell them we have a new Klutz book, on the other hand, their eyes light up. Why? Klutz books often have an interactive component to them, or come with some kind of "accessory". And, they're usually lots of fun.


Doodle Cats doesn't only offer kids fantastic guidelines and instructions for drawing cats of all shapes, sizes, and expressions—it comes with a roll of paper to doodle on, and an attached pencil to doodle with. The roll of "doodling" paper is 35 feet long, and can be pulled through the special holder and torn off as desired. Kids doodle right on the writing surface of the book, and flip the book's pages. (Note that left-handed kids won't find the set-up quite so comfortable).


The art instruction is superb. It includes a "warm-up" page that offers children practice with basic cat parts. Kids can draw Snoozy (the "World Champion Catnapper"), Mittens (who holds onto a ball of wool), Tortoise Shell Cat (whose body resembles a turtle), and more cats with character! They are even shown how to draw a cat fight and a cat in a hat. The doodle instructions are step-by-step.


When kids have used up the roll of paper, they can replace it with a spool of adding machine tape, which can easily be found at an office supply store. 


This is an exceptionally fun, instructive set that is also very portable. Perhaps most appealing of all its qualities is its ability to boost a child's confidence in drawing. Highly recommended.


Also available: Doodle Dogs and Doodle Faces


Our Rating:




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Reviewed February 2005
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