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Book Review:    Smoothies: 22 Frosty Fruit Drinks (Klutz Book)

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Children's Book Review: Smoothies

Author: Anne Akers Johnson

Published by: Klutz Press

Released: 1997

Reviewed: February 2005

Our Recommended Age: 8-up

Our Rating: A






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Frozen bananas...the staff of life? After trying out a few recipes for Smoothies found in this book, you may just agree. Smoothies: 22 Frosty Fruit Drinks presents ingredients for some of the most scrumptious "tropical vacations you can take in a blender". 


This book is perfect for children, ages 8 and up, who will feel all-grown-up as they prepare ingredients for their Smoothies. The first recipe my children wanted to try was Chocolate Banana, and it was absolutely delightful. Next was Banana Split Smoothie, and the kids were hooked. We now make Smoothies every school day morning. They're much like breakfast-in-a-glass, they're well-received, and if you choose the right ones, they are packed with nutrition. Certainly, they get the kids out of bed in the morning. 


The book comes with an attached spatula—we've pretty much come to expect an "accessory" with Klutz books, and they're always handy. Smoothies features thick, glossy spiral-bound pages that can easily be wiped clean if spattered with Orange Raz Frostie, or any other delightful Smoothie, for that matter. The book begins with "Blender Basics", which outlines the key categories of ingredients for smoothie-making (a straw, they say, is necessary!), and describes the basic smoothie process. Readers are encouraged to improvise and experiment, as most will love to do.


Smoothies are easy and delicious—ideal for children just beginning to gain confidence in the kitchen. Because good results are not dependent on exact measurements, and ideas for new smoothies are virtually endless, smoothies make fun kitchen experiments for the whole family. 


Our Rating:




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Reviewed February 2005
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