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Children's Software Review:    Cyberchase: Carnival Chaos



CD-ROM Review: Cyberchase: Carnival Chaos

For Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2000 Pentium 233 or higher; Mac G3 266 or higher.

By Brighter Child Interactive

Released: 2003

Reviewed: December 2003

Our Recommended Age: 8-11

Our Rating: A



Cyberchase Computer Game


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Cyberchase game pictures








Cyberchase game pictures

Based on the PBS show, this software game allows kids to play along with the Cyber Squad--a group of kids, a bird, and a motherboard! The games featured in this CD-ROM are original and clever. Although they are sometimes confusing to understand at first, the activities demand children put on their thinking caps!

The power-hungry Hacker has stolen the Mega-bolt and mistakenly dropped it in the carnival grounds. In order to get it back, the Cyber Squad must win various prizes, ranging from an anti-gravity pad to a holographic 3D poster, and offer them to various characters at the carnival. 

Winning prizes requires participation in a variety of activities in the program, each of which requires children to estimate and think. The environment is colorful and fun, and the game is designed rather well. Kids can play the game in adventure or practice mode. A "Sqwak Pad" is available with two different types of instructions (one from Motherboard, who offers game instructions, and another from Dr. Marbles, who delivers information about the educational concept behind the activity), game options, and players' inventory.

One especially fun activity that kid testers returned to again and again is Cyber Darts, pictured at left. Children pop balloons in groups of 3 or more of the same color, attempting to clear the board. As balloons pop, the remaining balloons float towards each other. Kids must predict where the balloons will go and plan accordingly. There are three "life lines" available, allowing kids the opportunity to change the color of balloons randomly. 

Other games include breaking codes, playing bumper pool, skee ball bowling, rebuilding a rollercoaster, and more. Once children collect and deliver all of the required items, they take part in a final puzzle challenge to recover the Mega-bolt. They must identify number patterns and sequences in order to break the code of a safe. 

In terms of replay, the first time through is rather lengthy, and developers have added an incentive to repeat the mission--kids collect a total of 6 "e-cards", one each time they beat the game. 

Children exercise deductive reasoning as they are required to predict outcomes, plan ahead, and think logically. The practice children receive help them hone mathematical thinking skills. Very "smart" game!

This game is enjoyable, pleasantly challenging, and educationally valuable.


  • Strong educational value.
  • Enjoyable for children who like to solve problems. 
  • Nice variety and quantity of activities.

  • Some activities confused testers with too many instructions.


Our Rating:




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**This software was selected as one of the Best Children's Software of 2003.


Reviewed December 2003
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