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Children's Software Review:    Baby Einstein: Baby Newton Fun with Shapes

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Baby Einstein has made it to the computer screen. Based on the videos and toys in the Baby Einstein series, and more specifically on the Baby Newton video, this CD-ROM designed especially for babies and toddlers presents interactive "shape lessons". Through especially striking images, children learn to identify basic shapes and to associate real-world objects with circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares. 

From the main menu, each shape leads to a lesson. Parents can set the lessons to "play through", but the best way to enjoy these sequences is in an interactive fashion. Children or parents can move forward either by placing the cursor over the Baby Einstein icon (the arrow fills with color when they do) or by pressing the spacebar on the keyboard. 

Each "lesson" presents the featured shape in a variety of ways--the shape is displayed in a big and bold way on its own and named, colorfully-drawn objects bounce, dance, and fly on the screens, and photo-realistic objects (such as a cracker, pizza slice, and aquarium) are shown. In the rectangle lesson, for example, rectangular bricks are laid to build a wall, a flag flaps, and rectangles form on the screen wherever the cursor is pointed. 

Clicking on the book pulls up a vocabulary lesson that shows familiar objects like boats, flowers, and balls. Another activity involves filling in missing parts of the picture in different scenes (such as a farmyard and an underwater scene).

One of the best features of the program is the ability to insert your own personal photos into the game. Parents can insert photos of baby's favorite things that are shaped like a square, circle, triangle, or rectangle, and they appear in the appropriate shape lesson. What fun! There is also a Heart activity specially designed for displaying personal photos of special people or pets in baby's life. Parents need only load the photo into the program (the tools for doing so make it a snap) and label them. The program recognizes some of the words (like "cat" and "Mommy"). From then on, the Heart activity acts as a living photo album. 

The screens are especially bright and fun, many featuring white backgrounds and bold colors. Our only complaint is that the program sometimes feels too hectic. The train, for example, rolls a little too quickly for our liking. A slightly gentler pace would have been better for the target age group.

All things considered, however, this program is very fun for parent and child to enjoy together. 

See more screenshots and comments in our screenshot gallery of the game.

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  • Appealing graphics.
  • Effective demonstrations of shapes and how they are found in the real world.
  • Exceptionally clear narration and fun music.
  • Wonderful learning tool for parent and child to enjoy together.


  • The program's pace is a little too quick -- may be over-stimulating for some young children. 




For Windows By: Disney Interactive  Ages 1-2 Published: 2003



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