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More Screenshots:    Disney's Lilo & Stitch: Hawaiian Adventure

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Kids are greeted by ex-CIA agent, Cobra Bubbles, who gives them the lowdown, and asks them to choose one of three difficulty levels.


Kids can make Lilo and her friends dance at Dance School, or learn a few steps with a live-action video. 
The dogs in the kennel are curious about their new visitor. Kids need to keep the dogs up on the rafters. The skunk will clear the dogs in one swoop.


Managing a busy restaurant can be a challenge, especially when Stitch is misbehaving, and Jumba and Pleakley are trying to get close to both Lilo and Stitch!
This is just one of many entertaining cutscenes. Here, Stitch is dreaming! 


Players can refer to the map and access the game's activities.
Another cutscene shows Lilo finding out that Stitch is not simply a funny-looking dog.


Kids must quickly clean up after the aliens in Lilo's laundry room. The socks need to be paired up, the laundry detergent put on the shelf, clothes hung up, and more.


Help Lilo and Stitch escape from a space bubble by playing a Pong-like game with a twist: make sure your paddle is the right color! Success!


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Disney's Lilo & Stitch Hawaiian Adventure  




For Windows By: Disney Interactive  Ages 6-9 Published: 2002


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Reviewed July 2002   
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