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Children's Software Review:    Disney Princess Royal Horse Show

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CD-ROM Review: Disney Princess Royal Horse Show

For Windows

By Disney Interactive

Released: 2003

Reviewed: November 2003

Our Recommended Age: 5-8

Our Rating: B-





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Ponies and princesses...seems like Disney has a winning combination here, at least in terms of concept. Although innovative in some ways and kid-friendly in others, this CD-ROM falls a little short in terms of content--there just isn't enough of it.

Children are greeted by Cinderella, who welcomes them to the gazebo. Here, players can choose any of four different banners. One banner leads them to a short and sweet design area where they select some decorations that will appear in and around the royal stable. There's not a whole lot of customization here, but what is available is very pretty eye candy. All in all, however, it is a limited activity. 

Another banner leads children to a horse-decorating activity. Kids select a horse (perhaps the chestnut brown one or the white horse named Starwish) and then add finishing touches to seven different parts of the horse, such as its mane and hooves. When kids exit the stable, the horse they just decorated appears naked of the embellishments. However, when they win a ribbon in the show ring, their horse will appear completely decorated. 

Which brings us to the meat and potatoes of the program: the show ring. Children get to ride their chosen horse along a course, hopping fence rails and other obstacles. Kids can opt to use either the mouse or keyboard controls. Starting up is easy--the program is generous and lenient when it comes to timing. In fact, the horses are very "smart", players are told, so that if they miss a jump, the horses simply run around the obstacle. A little bluebird accompanies children in the first levels, and he chirps when it's time to jump. The viewpoint is smart--kids see the head of the horse as if they were on top of the horse. Slowly but surely, as kids advance, the courses become a little more challenging. When children successfully complete any of the three levels, they earn horse information cards and open up bonus games.

The fourth area simply is a storage area for horse information cards, scrapbook pictures, and certificates won. Many of these items are printable, and kids can also print out a growth chart (12 pages!). Our experience with such printables is parents bemoan them, that is if kids actually take an interest in them.

An added bonus is a rather cute but somewhat useless Desktop Pony. Hate to say it, but it's a one-trick pony. As cute as the pony is, as it gallops across the screen, few children in the suggested age group work on the computer outside software games often enough to have fun with their desktop sidekick.

All in all, the game is fun while it lasts, but just how long it lasts is questionable.


  • Original and forgiving horse-riding simulation that is appropriate for younger players (easy controls).
  • Plenty of pretty eye candy--very impressive graphics and soundtrack. 

  • Although fairly good, the content is limited.


Our Rating:




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...MORE (see screenshots and notes from the game)


Reviewed November 2003
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