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Mickey Mouse and his friends find themselves locked in a haunted house. What to do? It seems that if they find 6 missing keys, they can escape.


Only Pluto (and players!) can see the three ghosts inhabiting the house. These ghosts play tricks on Mickey and friends.
Donald Duck has happened upon an old organ. This launches an activity in which kids make music.


Players need to fix the nameplates on the house's portraits. Here, they have to fill in missing letters of the words.
If kids are having trouble with a learning concept, a ghost tutorial is launched. These ghosts are not only friendly, they're really quite smart!


Mickey and Pluto have stumbled upon a bedroom. The haunted clock behind them has gears that need fixing.
Triumph! After all keys have been found (earned), the gang is able to escape from the haunted house.


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For Windows/Mac By: Disney Interactive  Ages 5-8 Published: 2002




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