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Software Review:    Disney's Winnie the Pooh Baby

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Hundred Acre Wood is now welcoming babies. A pastel patchwork quilt is the backdrop for the program’s 5 activities, each hosted by a familiar character. Children interact with the program by tapping keys on the keyboard (and uncoordinated attempts work fine too). Winnie the Pooh is on a quest for honey (go figure) and each time a child taps the keyboard, a surprise pops out of any of his 3 honey pots. Once in a while, Winnie finds honey, and eagerly laps it up. More often than not, a creature from the animal world appears instead. Tigger plays peek-a-boo with baby, and it’s a surprise where he’ll pop up next. Piglet shows children different parts of his body, and talks about his emotions too. Eeyore, true to character, grudgingly hosts a painting activity in which he paints a scene with each color in his paint pots. Of course, no one will care much, or so Eeyore presumes. And, quite possibly, many babies won’t.
 This activity lacks the pizzazz of similar activities found in other baby software on the market.

A clever “do it again” icon allows users to repeat the last response, so if baby especially enjoyed Piglet’s raspberry in the “body parts” game, parents can repeat the sequence over and over. As is recommended for all baby software, the experience should be a shared one between caregiver and young child. 

Though the visuals in this program are charming, both the quantity of activities and features of the program are rather limited. The mouse, for instance, is only active when users are switching activities.   

Despite its little dose of humor for adults and dazzling graphics, as Pooh would say, “oh bother”, we can’t recommend this program wholeheartedly.


  • Nice-looking screens.
  • A 'do it again' button is a wonderful touch for young users who never seem to tire of repeating sequences they enjoy.



  • Babies and many young toddlers may not make the connection between keyboard taps and action onscreen. 
  • Not enough activities.


For Win/Mac By: Disney Interactive    Published: 2001



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