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Software Review:    Winnie the Pooh Toddler (2001)

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Note that Winnie the Pooh Toddler is now available in a bundle along with Mickey Mouse Toddler and Rolie Polie Olie: Search for Spot. The new title, containing three full CD-ROMs, is called:

Toddler Bundle (Pooh Toddler, Mickey Toddler, and Book of Pooh) 



"Move the arrow here or there and see what you can find."

Toddlers have the opportunity to explore with Winnie the Pooh and friends simply by moving their cursor over hotspots or by pressing keys on the keyboard for random responses. This graphically rich CD-ROM is designed for children just learning to use the mouse. In fact, it does a great job of demonstrating to little ones just how powerful a computer mouse can be! Moving the mouse deliberately is a tough skill to master, and Winnie the Pooh Toddler includes one activity in particular (Popping Balloons for Pooh) will make the task all the easier. 

Now the down side: Even with this latest edition's added activity, there just isn't enough to do. As well, the program is, at times, as slow-moving as Winnie the Pooh himself. 

There are only 5 activities altogether, though some are possibly worth the price of the program--as long as toddlers get a chance at a better for-toddlers title like Reader Rabbit Toddler too. The best activity (mentioned above and pictured at right) allows toddlers to "pop" colorful balloons in order to help Pooh and friends get back down to the ground (they're stuck in mid-air, you see). As players move their mouse over a balloon, it shakes and then pops, and the grandfatherly narrator names either the color, shape, letter, or number that defines it. This activity is great fun for young computer users, and it helps them make acquaintance with all sorts of basic learning concepts at the same time. It's the most responsive activity of the program--kids easily make the connection between moving the mouse and getting where they want to go. 

Another good activity allows kids to do some guesswork. Four friends show them what they like best--be it honey, blowing bubbles, or singing. Then they hide the clues, and the narrator asks kids to find the friend who likes a particular thing best (for example, "Who most likes honey?"). When kids choose the wrong friend, they don't get any negative feedback. This is a fun and original activity that kids will love.

In a music activity, kids roll their mouse over characters and toys for musical feedback. Sometimes, they are encouraged to select a specific character for a special song. In Pooh's house, children learn about opposites. For example, moving the cursor over the door prompts a demonstration of near and far by Tigger. 

A print option is unfortunately accessible from the main menu--we wish it were hidden. A small selection of printable activities are available for use away from the computer.

An all-new activity (pictured at left) introduces children to some basic foreign language vocabulary. Parents can choose whether they want this language to be French or Spanish. 

There are better toddler programs available, but this title is worthwhile for adding variety to a toddler's software collection. It's too bad they didn't add just two more activities (or more, of course) because some of the activities are great fun.

  • Lovable characters and rich graphics.
  • Some activities are excellent for teaching kids to use the mouse.
  • Children easily experience success with the program because there is no need to click the mouse in order to play individual activities.


  • Slow-moving at times.
  • Non-interruptible sequences can sometimes confuse children just starting to understand the computer mouse.
  • Too few activities.


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For Win/Mac By: Disney Interactive     Ages 2-3 Published: 2001


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Buy Disney's Winnie The Pooh Toddler Deluxe  for $19.99 at


Best Value: This title is now available in a bundle along with 2 other full games: Toddler Bundle (Pooh Toddler, Mickey Toddler, and Book of Pooh)

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