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Video/DVD Review:   Leap Frog: Math Circus 

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Children's Video/DVD Review: Leapfrog: Math Circus

Distributed by: Warner Video

Released: 2004

Reviewed: December 2004

Our Recommended Age: Newborn to Toddler

Our Rating: A+






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Top Pick. We thoroughly recommend this video/DVD for children. Leap Frog: Math Circus is an entertaining animated video devoted to teaching kids not only how to recognize numbers, but also how numbers combine together through simple addition and subtraction. 


The familiar frog siblings from the LeapFrog brand go on a fun-filled adventure to the Math Factory. Tad, Leap, and Lily don spring-y shoes and are introduced to the numbers 1 through 10, who are fresh from the Number Machine. Each numeral has its own face, feet, and hands. As the story goes, the numbers come out of the machine knowing who they are (and they proudly announce their names, such as "Divine Nine" and "Heavenly Seven"), but they don't know their place, or how they add together. The numbers are in need of training.


Who can train the numbers? The Quidgits (plain boxes with feet and hands—see picture below, in which number meets Quidgit!), Professor Quigley, and the frog sibling assistants.




After a fun counting vignette and song that features a Quidgit Worm ("see how it grows"), the Quidgits and numbers are off to the Math Circus. Here, "amazing acts of addition" and "stupendous subtraction stunts" are performed.



All the while, a grumpy factory owner watches on. At first, he is very skeptical that anything constructive would come out of the whole affair—simply because everyone seemed to be having too much fun! Later, the fabulous circus acts wins him over...and little viewers will certainly be won over as well.


The learning opportunities in this video are abundant and rich. Associating numerals with "quidgits" is a simple yet very effective and memorable demonstration. The trapeze acts in which sets of quidgits swing towards each other and become one larger (or smaller) set is another fabulous visual demonstration of addition and subtraction. 



Our Rating:




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Reviewed December 2004
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