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Video/DVD Review:    Brum: Snow Thieves and other stories

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Children's Video/DVD Review: Brum: Snow Thieves and other Stories

Koch Vision

Released: 2004

Reviewed: January 2005

Our Recommended Age: 3-up

Our Rating: A






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"Shhhh! Brum's off to the Big Town!"


So begins each episode of Brum, the little yellow vintage car who loves to save the day. When his owner turns his back in the morning, Brum slips out of the garage and races off to the "big town" where he is enthusiastically greeted by the town's residents. Each episode features a crime or a dilemma to solve, and this likeable car with a mind of his own is always eager to help out.


Brum: Snow Thieves and Other Stories features seven new episodes in the British series that was created by Ragdoll, the producers of "The Teletubbies". Each episode is live-action, filled with slapstick comedy, and as silly as can be.



Kid testers love the zany humor of Brum and delight as the adorable little car foils bad guys and fixes all kinds of problems in Big Town. This collection of videos has Brum dealing with pickpockets, returning stolen money to a street performer, chasing a large stone ball that is rolling through the town, and steering a runaway bride (on a skateboard!) back to the church for her wedding, amongst other misadventures. 



Our Rating:




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Reviewed January 2005
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