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DVD Review:    Arthur's Pet Follies

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Children's DVD Review: Arthur Pet Follies

Sony Wonder

Released: 2004

Reviewed: March 2004

Our Recommended Age: 4-9

Our Rating: A








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“Believe in yourself, that’s the place to start”


Arthur and friends deal with the excitement of caring for new pets and the challenges of losing beloved animals in this collection of three all-new Arthur episodes.  


In Francine and the Feline, Francine’s father finds a cat at the junkyard and brings him home.  Francine becomes quite attached to her new pet, prompting an argument between Francine and Arthur. In Hide and Snake, the kids stumble upon a snake and sneak it into Arthur's home. Panic sets in when Brain thinks that the snake could be poisonous and the kids discover the snake has escaped! DW’s pet parakeet, Spanky, dies in So Long, Spanky!. DW deals with the death of her beloved pet, and the affections of a lonely frog. 


Arthur episodes, based on Marc Brown's best-selling books, deal with the challenges of growing up in creative, meaningful ways. This DVD is no exception. Another DVD featuring all-new episodes released at the same time as Arthur's Pet Follies is Arthur Saves the Day, another excellent collection featuring 3 episodes with help and rescue themes. 


Favorite Arthur titles now available on DVD are: Arthur Makes the Team and Arthur's Lost Library Book.




Our Rating:




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Reviewed March 2004
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