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DVD Review:    Big Bird in China

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Children's DVD Review: Sesame Street: Big Bird in China

Sony Wonder

Released: 2004

Reviewed: February 2004

Our Recommended Age: 2-8

Our Rating: A+






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Top Pick. This Emmy award-winning Sesame Street special first aired in the eighties and is now available on DVD. Big Bird in China is a  memorable musical featuring a treasure hunt theme and a most delightful host--the lovable, curious, and personable Big Bird. 

Big Bird and his pal Barkley set out on an adventure to find a legendary Chinese phoenix by visiting Chinese landmarks pictured on an old scroll. The pair begin their hunt by searching for The Great Wall of China. Along the way, they discover more than just famous landmarks—they meet friendly people, watch a ballet, learn Chinese vocabulary, play games with children, visit a schoolhouse, listen to legends, and more. The duo meet up with a sweet little girl who speaks English and accompanies them on their journey. What an adventure! 

Although originally released in the early eighties, this musical remains charming, engaging, and memorable. Besides offering children a unique look at Chinese culture, Big Bird in China serves up suspense, wonder, and heart-warming moments. Highly recommended!


Also available: Sesame Street - Big Bird In Japan.


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Reviewed February 2004
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