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DVD Review:    Care Bears: Kingdom of Caring

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Children's DVD Review: Care Bears: Kingdom of Caring

Lions Gate Home Entertainment

Released: 2004

Reviewed: February 2004

Our Recommended Age: 3-8

Our Rating: A









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Who's gonna be there when it really counts? The Care Bears, of course! This new DVD contains six episodes culled from the classic 1980's television series, starring the huggable, lovable bears. With Care Bears: Kingdom of Caring, today's children can enjoy some of the classic adventures of the good-hearted bears in small, TV-show length doses. FHE makes it just a little easier for kids to play the DVD, as well. Their new "pop-n-play" feature offers kids the ability to simply pop in the DVD and watch, without the need for a remote. 


Six fun adventures are featured on the DVD. In Lost At Sea, the cubs (Tugs and Hugs) are playing pirates on a boat that is accidentally set adrift. Luckily, Bedtime Bear and two (arguing) twins are onboard to help save the day--and by the end of the episode, the twins are agreeing with each other. In other stories, the cubs bump into a grumpy Giant, a camp-out brings the Care Bears face-to-face with a swamp creature, the bears build a heart for a robot, and more. The "bad guys" (No-Heart and Beasley) appear in many of the episodes, and each story teaches a few lessons about sharing and caring.

The episodes featured in this DVD are considerably less dramatic than the Care Bears movies. For this reason, and because the format allows kids to enjoy the Care Bears in smaller doses, this DVD is more appropriate for younger Care Bear fans. 

Also available: Care Bears - Adventures in Care-a-Lot, featuring 4 more episodes from the 1980's television series.


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Reviewed February 2004
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