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Video/DVD Review:    Elmo's Magic Cookbook (Sesame Street)

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Children's Video/DVD Review: Sesame Street: Elmo's Magic Cookbook

Sony Wonder

Released: 2004

Reviewed: August 2004

Our Recommended Age: 2-8

Our Rating: A







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Elmo and Emeril Lagasse cooking instruction on video/DVD for kids

Now available on DVD as well as VHS, Elmo's Magic Cookbook offers children the confidence that they can cook, as long as there's a parent around to help them out. 


Elmo, Telly, and friends are exploring an attic when they stumble upon an old cookbook. An fortuitous rub of the tome prompts a genie to appear -- Jean the Genie. Although she "hates to deflate your souffle", as she cannot make finished recipes appear, she can in fact magically call up a group of ingredients for any recipe in the magic cookbook.


Elmo and friends get cooking, creating a dinosaur-shaped snack out of ingredients like bread, cheese, and vegetables, fabulous pizzas, food pockets, and more. 


Food-related vignettes, such as one about washing hands before eating, are included in this fun adventure. Guest star Emeril helps the puppets and kids make pizzas, and Heather Headley not only shows viewers how to make a food pocket, she sings a song about "taking a chance" and trying new foods. Objects-come-to-life, such as a tomato, pitcher of water, and a glass of milk, step in, asking for some recognition as essential ingredients in the foods used to make recipes. Safety is emphasized, and so is fun. 


This video is a favorite, and is popular with children a little older than the typical Sesame Street fan as well. The DVD edition includes a chaptering option and some sneak peeks of other Sesame Street DVDs. 


Our Rating:




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Reviewed August 2004
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