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Video/DVD Review:    Miffy and Friends: Miffy's Playtime

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Children's Video/DVD Review: Miffy and Friends: Miffy's Playtime

Sony Wonder

Released: April 2004

Reviewed: April 2004

Our Recommended Age: 1-4

Our Rating: A





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Based on Dutch author Dick Bruna’s Miffy storybook character, this wonderful DVD is ideal for quiet moments of gentle learning and fun. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, the video’s simple story lines, gentle humor, and intriguing graphics provide entertainment without over-stimulating its target audience. True educational value can be found in Miffy and Friends: Miffy's Playtime, including introduction of basic concepts and vocabulary boosters.


Children discover the value of play in these playtime-themed episodes, and learn such important concepts as “more”, “the same as”, "up" and "down" (on the see-saw). The characters are delightful in their straightforward appeal—Miffy the bunny, Snuffy the puppy, Mother and Father Bunny, Grunty the Pig, and more. 


Uncomplicated concepts and important values (such as sharing as well as finishing your work before playing) are strengthened through the stories, not to mention the obvious vocabulary/language boosts as sentence structure is reinforced.


Miffy plays nurse while her bunny pal, Melanie, plays doctor in one episode. Miffy and Grunty look for friends with whom they can play hide and seek in another short. Miffy is disappointed that she can’t fly after some trial and lots of error, until she and her friends come up with the perfect compromise!


Miffy has been charming children for decades with over 100 picture books. The translation to video is fabulous. These latest releases feature 3-D animations. Two bonus episodes are included on the DVD edition, and these are culled from the original 2-D animated series—children love these episodes as well! (The last screenshot at left is an example of the original series' animation).



Our Rating:




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Reviewed April 2004
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