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Video Game  Review:    Pokemon: Ruby Version/Sapphire Version for GameBoy Advance

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Pokemon comes to GameBoy Advance

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire for Gameboy AdvanceTop Pick. Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire mark the series' entrance to the GameBoy Advance platform. We are excited to see this multi-layered and detailed series again appearing on the latest GameBoy platform. As with previous versions (the game bears the most similarity to Gold and Silver), the object of the game is to explore the world of Hoenn, searching for wild Pokemon to catch and then tame through battle with the Pokemon players already have. 

Although there are certainly familiar goals and other features of the game, Ruby and Sapphire include some fantastic features that make the game feel totally fresh and new. These include the ability to bring two Pokemon into battle at once (and they can actually help each other out) and improved graphics. Best of all, Ruby and Sapphire not only include many familiar Pokemon creatures known to date, they introduce 100 more. There are also multiplayer options and a rich trading aspect to the game, which can be enjoyed only with a link cable. 

What is the difference between Ruby and Sapphire Versions? As with previous Pokemon games, certain Pokemon creatures can only be found in one of the versions. In this case, Ruby's unique Pokemon include Seedot, Mawile, and Solrock. Additionally, there are some Pokemon common to both games, but that are rare in one version and common in the other. For example, Volbeat is hard to find in Ruby yet common in Sapphire, while Illumise can be easily found in Ruby and not very common in Sapphire.

When children begin the game, they meet up with Professor Birch, who is attacked by a wild Poochyena. The Professor needs help and wants players to pick one of three Pokeballs, each containing a Pokemon, from his bag in order to fight off the wild Pokemon. As a reward for saving him, he gives players that selected Pokemon, which jumpstarts their careers as Pokemon trainers. The starters are Treecko, a grass-type lizard Pokemon, Torchic, a fire-type bird, and Mudkip, a water-type fish Pokemon.

Players also get to choose their role playing gender. In the game, there are two competing teams, Aqua and Magma, one of which is evil and the other good, depending on your version. The leader of the "good" team sometimes asks players for help in the team's dealings with its competitor. 

This program is engrossing and certainly deep enough to justify the price tag. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire versions are involving games with loads of appeal.

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We have a help list available--you can call it a cheat or a help list, that's your choice, but it is a work-in-progress: Locations of Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Versions.


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  • Multi-layered and rich gameplay.
  • Very involving game that requires strategy and concentration
  • Strong graphics, large appeal.




For Nintendo Gameboy Advance By: Nintendo  Ages: 8-up  Published: 2003






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