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Video Game  Review:    Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Potion Commotion for GameBoy Advance

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Aunt Hilda has cast the wrong spell...again! This adventure game for the GameBoy Advance takes players on a side-scrolling journey through 16 different levels. Players must lead Sabrina through fun environments with the goal of creating a potion that will right the world. As they do, they make the teenage witch jump, crouch, run, cast spells, and dodge flying objects. 

Players need to collect 3 pages from a Spell Book in order to learn, and cast, a spell. For example, one spell (called the lullaby) allows players to oust an obstacle, such as the pepper shakers in the kitchen when Sabrina is tiny, basketballs in the school, and flying books. Another spell allows players to break open cracked walls and floors in order to get to secret places. 

Children are given a little tutorial at the beginning of the game by Salem the cat. Mini-games, such as a memory matching game, can be accessed when players see the question mark icon. These need to be unlocked as players progress through the adventure. If they win a game they can earn extra magic points (necessary for casting spells) or earn a heart for the health meter. 

Different environments include the house, a Magical Tree, the kitchen, and the school. Players need to collect special items, such as magic crystals which recoup Sabrina's magical powers, during their journey. 

This is one of those games that requires passwords in order to continue from where players left off (a feature our testers easily become annoyed with). However, the game totally captivated our 8 year old tester--she had troubles putting the game down.

Rated E for Everyone (ages 6-up). 

See more screenshots from the game.

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  • Challenging for children ages 7-9, but comfortably so--the game is doable.
  • Fun gameplay.


  • Replay value is somewhat questionable. Although the game is fun, it isn't as deep or involving as some.


For Nintendo Gameboy Advance By: UBI Soft  Ages: 7-9  Published: 2002







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