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Video Game  Review:    Pokémon Gold Version for GameBoy Color

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With the original 150 Pokémon and 100 new ones, as well as a whole slew of new features that truly improve game-play, both Gold and Silver Versions of Pokémon for GameBoy will not disappoint. 

Driven by the motivation to become the "world's greatest" Pokémon master, children capture, train, and battle their Pokémon characters, each of whom have distinct personalities, are capable of a specific set of attacks, and belong to different types (fire, water, etc.). Significant improvements over the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions include excellent new game-play features like real-time elements (adding day and night and days of the week to the game), breeding (which introduces gender to the Pokémon world), and an improved interface. Now players can listen to the radio and use a cell phone as well. 

Our 10 year old tester has invested more time in this game than any of his other video games combined -- which can be considered either good or bad -- or a little of both -- depending on your point of view. Left on his own, for example, it definitely cuts into reading time. Certainly, in terms of entertainment value, he has received more than his money's worth. Players are required to read text to a fair degree, and use their brains through strategy and memory skills. Though not particularly difficult to play, the game is detailed, deep, and entirely engrossing. 


  • A detailed adventure game with loads of appeal
  • New Pokémon!
  • Significant improvement in game-play.


  • The game is a little less challenging than previous versions. 


For GBC By: Nintendo    Published: 2000


Our Rating:


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 Reviewed June 2001                                                                                                    Comments? Email us.

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