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Video Game  Review:    Luigi's Mansion for Game Cube

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Luigi is a little nervous--maybe a lot--but he is going to brave the haunted house that he won in a contest and save his brother, Mario, anyhow. Armed with a vacuum-like device called the Poltergust, kids lead Luigi through the rooms of the mansion, stunning and sucking up ghosts of all varieties as they do. 

Luigi's Mansion is a fun escapade for the Game Cube. It features detailed graphics, holds a good measure of suspense, and requires a bit of strategy to complete. Though older kids will probably finish the game sooner than they'd like, Luigi's Mansion will entertain the younger crowd faithfully for quite some time.

This game is really quite comical at times--kids giggle at Luigi's reactions to, and struggles with, the ghosts. Capturing the ghosts depends on their variety. Some are easy to suck up, while others require some strategy and thinking skills to exorcise. After clearing the ghosts in particular rooms, kids encounter a boss for the level. One of the mini-bosses is Van Gore, who is a ghost artist who creates little ghosts by painting them. King Boo is the boss of the game--he's the one who kidnapped Mario and put him in a painting. He has built a robot Bowser to attack (he's actually very weak on his own). 

Kids should try to remember where hearts are hidden so they can use them to heal Luigi after he's been weakened by the ghosts' attacks. Kids never quite know when ghosts will pop up--they can sneak up from behind, for example. Expecting them to appear at any time is helpful so that kids can minimize their "startle" factor.  

Rated E for Everyone (ages 6-up). 

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  • Funny, original
  • Requires strategy.


  • A little too short.


For Nintendo Game Cube By: Nintendo    Published: 2001







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