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Children's Video Game Review:    Pikmin 2 (for Nintendo Game Cube)

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Video Game Review: Pikmin 2 (Nintendo GameCube)

For Nintendo Game Cube

By Nintendo

Released: 2004

Reviewed: September 2004

Our Recommended Age: 7-up

Our Rating:  






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coverCaptain Olimar has returned to the planet where Pikmin live, along with an assistant. He needs to save his near-bankrupt business, and he needs to marshal new Pikmin in order to erase his company's debt. Pikmin 2 features new colors of Pikmin (now Pikmin are red, blue, yellow, white, and purple), 2-player cooperative play, and no time limit. 


We are testing the game and will have a full review (on this page) soon. 


Testers' first impressions: The puzzles are addictively challenging, although similar to the first Pikmin. We are pleased with the fact that the 30-day time limit has been removed in Pikmin 2, which eliminates the "rushed" feeling kids had with the first game. The addition of white and purple Pikmin adds new layers of strategy to the game because each color group possesses different abilities. The enemies in Pikmin 2 are giant and intimidating, at times overwhelming.










Our Rating:


Coming Soon


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Reviewed September 2004








Official Nintendo Pikmin 2 Player's Guide

Pick up tips for the throwdown! You'll land in some tough spots - fire, electricity, poison, sharp teeth - on your mission to collect Pikmin 2's 201 scrap-metal treasures. Let the Official Nintendo Player's Guide help you pull yourself out. Complete and colorful maps of the game's four huge overworlds, with locations of underground areas and above-ground treasures. A thorough adventure walk-through with Pikmin-managing recommendations and solutions for every sprout-threatening situation. Descriptions of all 30 Challenge-mode arenas, with strategies for earning high scores and Perfect ratings. Tips for two player Battle mode to help you dominate the competition. Complete strategy for the highly anticipated Nintendo GameCube sequel ~ Pikmin 2.




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