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Video Game  Review:    Super Monkey Ball for Game Cube

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Cute little monkeys in see-through balls star in this fun and addictive release for the Game Cube. Players need to maneuver the monkey through mazes in a manner that is similar to the board game classic, Labyrinth. Players attempt to guide the ball towards a particular goal without falling off the edge of the board.

Although the goals and controls of the game are straightforward enough, gameplay becomes maddeningly difficult as levels advance. Players need to rely on good reflexes, strategy, and a bit of luck in their attempts to clear as many stages as possible. They'll need to avoid obstacles and pick up objects as they roll around the stages, and for every 100 bananas they collect, they earn an extra life. Normal Mode plays the same way as the arcade game, Monkey Ball, while Competition Mode allows up to 4 players to vie against each other. Party games include racing, fighting, and target practice. Mini-games can be unlocked, and these have sports themes -- golf, bowling, and billiards. Most of these sideline activities are very amusing.

This game can quickly become addictive as players feel compelled to keep trying to better their last performance. However, most children will find the game too challenging on higher levels. A seasoned 11-year-old tester could not make it past the twelfth stage of the Expert level's 50 stages, for example. The game is great to have on hand for multi-player fun, however, and is best played occasionally (it gets monotonous with overuse).

For more information, user reviews, and/or to buy the game, follow this link: Super Monkey Ball

  • Relatively nonviolent game.
  • Requires some strategy and fast reflexes.
  • Captures a wide audience, from beginning gamers to experts.


  • Higher levels are extraordinarily challenging.


For Nintendo Game Cube By: Sega    Released: 2001


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 Reviewed April 2002                                                                                                 Comments? Email us.

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