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Video Game  Review:    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (for Nintendo Game Cube)

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coverTragedy strikes a peaceful island, and the world becomes infested with evil monsters...'s up to Link (the hero from all previous Zelda games) to save the world. He journeys to find his kidnapped sister and to destroy Ganondorf. Link meets dozens of characters on his quest, like The King of Red Lions, the talking boat, and Tetra, the young female pirate. He must collect weapons, which include swords, arrows, and even giant leaves, to destroy all the evil monsters. The monsters range from blobs of goo, to sharks, to giant flying worms and zombies. Some of them require a special method of attack.

This is an extremely fun game for anyone ten years or older. It's filled with many puzzles and side-quests, like helping Zunari the salesman by getting new products for his outdoor shop. Wind Waker is, unlike other Zelda games, animated in a cartoon-like style -- and this "facelift" adds much to the whole atmosphere and feel of the game. Even the enemies look less evil and sinister than they do in previous games in the series so that players will worry less about taking on big enemies. For example, comparing the first "boss" in Majora's Mask with the first boss in Wind Waker, the first is a giant Indian in a dark and gloomy circular room, while the second has a giant bug in a lava red room. 

The music is beautiful, and there are often musical prompts that provide clues as to what to do next in a given area. Kids must memorize six Wind Waker songs learned throughout the game in order to change the direction of the wind, or to change from night to day or day to night. 

Wind Waker takes place mostly on water with the King of Red Lions, and Link can travel to all 42 islands in order to get money and power-ups. With all the side-quests and puzzles, Wind Waker will provide hours of fun as well as a special second play-through. Wind Waker truly defines our A rating for video games.

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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


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For Nintendo Game Cube By: Nintendo   Released: 2003





The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker...

This strategy guide by Brady Games includes a detailed walkthrough complete with maps, various strategies and tips, and details about each of the game's side quests. Some bonus content is here as well: a guide to Ocarina of Time and a big refernece map. 


Ultimate Codes- The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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