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Children's Software Review:    I Spy Fantasy

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The trademark I Spy riddles and lush images come alive in I Spy CD-ROMs, and this latest release, I Spy Fantasy, is jam-packed with things to do and to see. Fortunately, the game is as rich in educational value as it is rich with visual stimuli. 


Kids go on a search for "two grapes that are loose", a question mark, a starry face, a jar full of eyes, a scroll that's rolled, and other such goodies, in this exciting program that exercises children's observation and problem-solving skills. From the main screen, children choose one of three separate adventures: Deep Blue Sea Adventure, Blast Off Adventure, or Sand Castle Adventure. Each area contains different screens to explore and six riddle screens such as the ones pictured above and below. After finding all of the objects on any given riddle screen, kids earn an important object. Depending on the adventure area, they receive a page from a Mermaid's Book, a key to a dungeon, or a fuel crystal for a Space Ship. When kids, for example, find all six pages of the Mermaid's Book, they can then search for sunken treasure. 


This program is fantastic--it gets children thinking and solving problems as they have fun. It is also a little exercise in language arts. Although the hide-and-seek concept behind the riddles seems simple enough, there are quite a few stumpers, even the first time through (the second and third times through the program contain different riddles and are progressively more difficult!). Replay value is high because of the fact that there are three levels to the game. Completing the game the first time takes many hours for most kids. Most will find the game compelling enough that it begs to be played on the second and third level. Gorgeous screens, pleasingly stumping riddles, and rich replayable content set I Spy Fantasy apart. Highly recommended!

Who is this game for? The box reads ages 6-10. Many six year olds will find the game a little too difficult to complete on their own. This game is best for children ages 8-10, especially those who enjoy solving riddles and problems.

**This software was selected as one of the Best Children's Software of 2003.

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  • Gorgeous graphics.
  • Content-rich.
  • Three adventures, each with sizable content and three different versions.


  • Some kids might discover that they can simply keep clicking on a screen in order to find the hidden objects instead of using their observation skills. 




For Win/Mac By: Scholastic  Ages 7-10 Published: 2003








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