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Software Review:    I Spy School Days

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"I spy.." Ė so begins the riddle-rhymes of Jeanís popular childrenís books. This updated version of I Spy on CD-ROM features "pages" of virtual treasure hunts. 

Kids search for objects according to rhyming clues, many of which are somewhat cryptic, in screens filled with photo objects that are generally school-themed. At the same time, they exercise both visual and language arts skills. Other activities include sorting objects into Venn-diagram-like Oops Hoops, and an innovative Make Your Own I Spy game for creative sorts. 

Though there is little here that is obviously academic, this programís educational content is first-rate.

Parents, teachers, and children will be equally pleased.


  • Gives kids a good mental work-out.


  • Though first sittings with the title will be fun and educational, the program may not have much longevity.



For Win/Mac By: Scholastic  Ages 4-7 Published: 2000


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Now available in an economical bundle along with 2 other excellent computer games: Adventure Workshop: Scholastic Edition Preschool-1st Grade

Reviewed June 2001   Comments? Email us.

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