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Software Review:    Jeopardy! 2003: The Ultimate Jeopardy Experience

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The game show in which questions are answers has been revamped and re-released as Jeopardy! 2003. The graphics are great, Alex Trebek appears throughout with commentary (like, "you DO know your history!"), and the popular trivia game show is quite faithfully recreated.

Players can choose a Normal Game wherein they play against 2 computer opponents. They can adjust the IQ of the computer opponents on a slider. The computer contestants speak--they choose the categories and provide answers. Players buzz in by pressing the spacebar, and they can adjust the buzz-in time, if so desired, to any of 2, 4, 6, and 8 seconds. They need to type out their answer. Even though the spelling accuracy required can be adjusted on a slider from loose to strict, it is inevitable that there will be some disappointments with answers (questions!) that are not accepted. As long as you keep this in mind, however, this mode of play is healthy and fun. Players advance through the Double Jeopardy round to "crunch time", Final Jeopardy, in which they make a wager and compete on the final answer.

"Solo Game" mode is supposed to be a great way to practice Jeopardy, but the disappointing element of this mode of play is that no correct answers are supplied when players' answers are incorrect! We wonder why the game developers chose not to supply correct answers in this learning/practice mode since correct responses are given in the "Normal Game" mode.

This flaw aside, however, the game is a pleaser. Jeopardy pros can choose to play in Tournament of Champions and against other human opponents, although they must have proven their abilities in their game "career" with $75,000 of earnings. Taking a contestant exam is the other option.  

[For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Jeopardy 2003]

  • Nice graphics.
  • Entertaining gameplay.
  • Rather faithful recreation of the television game show.
  • "Normal Game" mode lets players know the correct responses.


  • The "Solo Game" doesn't provide correct responses.



For Win 98/Me/2000/XP By: Infogrames Ages 10-up Published: 2002


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