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Children's Software Review:    Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Jimmy Neutron vs. Jimmy Negatron

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Jimmy Neutron (Boy Genius) is...well...bored on a trip to the Retroville Museum with his class. It doesn't take long, however, for Jimmy to get thrown into adventure mode. Jimmy Negatron, his alter ego from another dimension, takes Jimmy Neutron prisoner, swaps places with him, and sets out to turn Retroville upside down. With the entire city under this look-alike's spell, Jimmy Neutron must once again save the city. After tricking Herman, who is guarding his cage, Jimmy Neutron and his robot dog are released. And that's exactly where kids step in to help out -- beginning in Jimmy Negatron's lab.

This game requires more attention to controls than many games for the PC. Although it isn't too challenging, the controls can be tricky for young players. Kids need to lead Jimmy around, jumping, shooting water balloons and the like, and figuring out what to do next. They can use the mouse, joystick, or keyboard, but most kids will use more than one in order to accomplish all of the goals of the program.

Players find useful items that they can pick up and store along the way. Inventions are a big part of the game. At the beginning, players set out to find pieces of a Water Balloon Launcher that they can then use. Aiming and shooting the water balloons takes a little time to get used to, but most kids will figure it out quickly enough. Other inventions include a speedy rocket ship and a mini submarine! 

In general, the game involves collecting objects, finding parts to an invention, and completing various objectives on each level -- all with the idea of returning Retroville back to normal by defeating Jimmy Neutron's evil alter ego, Jimmy Negatron. 

The game is enjoyable for children who love action adventures, and confusing to those who don't want to fiddle with too many buttons. 


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Published: 2002 By: THQ Ages 6-9 Windows Only


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