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Software Review:    Jumble CD-ROM

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If your daily newspaperís Jumble game simply isnít enough, itís time for this CD-ROM version. We love the funky retro design of this well-constructed game. 

Featuring a number of different variations of the game, including a kiddy version, this program is sure to please. The only thing we miss is the ability to pause the timer during a game.  

For those unfamiliar with the basic game of Jumble, players are presented with a comic pun, and by unscrambling a number of words, theyíll uncover the (jumbled) letters to the word or phrase that answer the pun or riddle. Itís a quick fix for word game lovers. 

Besides Jumble Classic (pictured above), there's Jumble Kids (pictured at right), Jumble Plus, Jumble Crosswords, and Tumble Words. All variations add a new spin to the traditional game. With hundreds of puzzles to work through, word game fans will have a great time.

Jumble is available online in a few places, including, but new puzzles only come up weekly. A jewel case version (who needs the box anyway?) of this program is currently available for just under $10 US, and youíll find it bundled with other Infogrames games in different packages, including Word Mania.  

Buy Jumble (Jewel Case) at for $9.99 US.

  • Packed with puzzles
  • Pleasing interface and graphics
  • Jumble variations are fun, and the children's version of the game is excellent.


  • The timer in the games can't be paused.
  • This title focuses on one type of word game--unless you're a really big fan of Jumble puzzles, this game is not for you.


For Windows By:Infogrames    Published: 1998












Jumbo Jumble : A Big Book for Big Fans

Our Rating:


To Buy this CD-ROM:

Buy Jumble (Jewel Case) at for $9.99 US.

Also available at Planet CD ROM, where the software itself is free (customers pay shipping and delivery).

 Reviewed August 2001                                                                                                    Comments? Email us.

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