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Children choose an All-Star Guide from the line-up. They can take this questionnaire to see what learning style is most appropriate for them (will it be Eleanor the Reader, Casey the Athlete, or someone else?)


Welcome to JumpStartville on racing day! Frankie and Hopsalot host the game, and let children know that they will be helping to prepare for the big car race. 
Inside the schoolhouse, kids meet with three JumpStart animals. Choose Eleanor to read stories, Kisha to paint and draw, or Pierre for musical fun.


Put the story back together again--in the correct order--after Eleanor reads the rhyme or short tale.
Earn a carrot for your efforts! Later, with enough carrots, you can get cool items for your race car.


Learn about different types of music and musical instruments, and enjoy band music.
Practice spelling small words with Frankie in the backyard of the schoolhouse.


The naturists, C.J. and Edison, are in the garden. They'll guide kids in a hide-and-seek game and a pattern completion activity with flowers.
Cool power-ups for your race car, like the Magneto, can be earned the more activities you play. Different characters act as tutors, and teach kids using their special learning style. Here, Kisha teaches about patterns in a visual manner.


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For Windows By: Knowledge Adventure  Ages 4-5 Published: 2002


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